I don’t get how chemistry is translated onto the written page. In real life I get it, because it’s in the small details and the way emotion is expressed through action. And for the most part this is an insanely visual thing. It’s the impact of the visual cues. That’s chemistry. But when you read there is another level to it, because somehow those details might be there on page, but the chemistry is not happening. You don’t buy the couple the author has done everything right to sell. And in other cases the writer might not even have added enough of those small visual cues yet the couple pops. You ship the pants off of them. Which forces me to have to reconsider what I thought chemistry was in the first place. This is so damn confusing. How come certain couples work in written fiction and others don’t? What is the secret ingredient? Which details are the ones that make it or break it?

Tatiana Maslany getting emotional at a fan question during the 2014 official Orphan Black panel (x)


Apparently, my method of dealing with lacklustre and kind of disappointing canon is to create elaborate AUs and then start planning out a rewrite of this entire mess with the addition of tropes. [facepalm] Because tropes make everything better, right? Well, if they’re going to hurl the most boring…

Let’s face it, these tropes were never made for our couples to begin with so we fuck up the system by just applying them to lesbians. Also, who doesn’t love a good trope?! A cliché is predictable and makes you catch up on your emails, but a trope well done is something you see coming with a smile on your face.

Childhood is spending half an hour with one of these in the crook of your knee so you’d warm it up and make it soft enough to have that perfect texture.

Childhood is spending half an hour with one of these in the crook of your knee so you’d warm it up and make it soft enough to have that perfect texture.


Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Rookie Blue
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Gail Peck, Holly Stewart
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Role Reversal, Role Reversal

doctor-of-asskicking asked for a role reversal AU with Holly as cop and Gail as forensic pathologist. Hopefully this was worth the wait and the complaints. Big thanks to heavymetalhippy for the beta.


a rookie blue au prompt [3/10]

War is hell. Civil wars are no exceptions.

When Terra Yamak tried to declare its independence from the Greater Galactic Empire, Stewart and Collins, blinded by their youthful idealism, took up arms alongside it. Five long years later the skirmish at the border of the Novak system is over and the unrest has been crushed. Order restored to the Empire and the colony all but annihilated, alongside most of its inhabitants, leaving behind nothing but scars and regrets.

Made brother and sister by gunfire and survival both Stewart and Collins have had their eyes forced open and been washed of any idealism. Now they find themselves lost and adrift, the only ties to this life being their ties to one another. Their families, their culture, all torn apart and destroyed. Even if they had long since lost their cause, alongside their home, they were not ready to join what still felt like an enemy. Not ready to give their pride to the victor by settling in one of the many relocation spots spread out through the system’s twenty three colonies now offered the few former Yamak natives left alive. Which meant there was only one option left, space.

The many colonies were always in high demand of goods and services so there was no shortage of transportation jobs available, and at least out on the galactic freeway the constant reminders of what they had lost would not be as frequent or as strong. The nomadic lifestyle of the interplanetary shippers seemed to be their only option if they were to move beyond their past and maybe turn survival into living again.

Better pilots than they ever were freedom fighters their plan still lacks one crucial variable to become reality, because no ship will get very far on navigation alone, no they needed a crew and most importantly, a mechanic. But how would they find a mechanic that’s worth their pay on this scorched and dying rock that was once their home?

Waking up hung-over and covered in exhaust soot, her body crammed in between a couple of non-descript shipping crates in the port of Yamak City, Peck doesn’t even have to open her eyes to realise she’s scraping rock bottom. Once she does however, the blinking message on her Personal Data Unit confirms her suspicions, “You screwed up. Find your own way home!”. And with those angry letters glaring at her a second realisation makes her understand that the line between breaking away and breaking apart is a dangerously thin one. Left with nothing but the clothes on her back and the pounding in her head- life feels like a cruel joke at her expense. The assholes hadn’t even left her with her tools. How the hell was an unemployed mechanic with not as much as a recommendation to her name get her ass off this dump and back home!? Not to mention without a single credit to cash and with the trademark Terra 1 tattoos covering both her arms, something that is usually reason for intense pride, but not now and not here. She knew well enough that these outback rednecks didn’t have much affection to spare for anyone or anything from the Capitol World of the Empire.

Life might be cruel, it also has a most macabre sense of humour, making sure the unlikeliest of pieces make the snuggest fit. Who knew two Yamak ex-soldiers, a T1 mechanic and a beat up 15 Series Class 3 transportation shuttle (1503 for short) would turn into a second chance for all of them.



*white kid from 90’s tv show on bed throwing baseball up in the air and catching it while staring at ceiling*

Don Featherstone, creator of the pink plastic lawn flamingo. 

Don Featherstone, creator of the pink plastic lawn flamingo. 

Cider Sky - Glowing In The Dark
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Cider Sky - “Glowing In the Dark”


The older I get the more this resonates with me