Iā€™m at a point in my life where I should feel a lot, but feel nothing. And in my heartlessness the only thing that makes me sad is that the apathy has made words lose their charm. Prose is nothing but another pointless shitpile completely devoid of meaning or merit. Leaving me with nothing and shame, so I think I’ll take a break.

Everything is bullshit.

What’s up with tumblr redirecting you to the dashboard when you want to view someone’s actual tumblr page?


So ready.

I can’t be the only one who finds it kind of hilarious that every single gailxholly fic includes them taking care of a child in some capacity.

Sometimes I feel like the Universe is a little heavy handed in its rhetorics. Then sometimes I think, yeah I am that dense so it’s probably justified.

Watching Continuum and the urge to strangle Krycek slowly with ramen noodles is powerful.


#emmy nominated television