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I feel like most of my life choices can be summed up with this gif:

The soundtrack to ParaNorman is my favourite.

Irked fans produce fanfic like irritated oysters produce pearls.
Jacqueline Lichtenberg in Fic by Anne Jamison (via treizquatorz)

I am so close to a Rookie Blue spam, but I will refrain and restrain myself. For another few days at least. But be warned, beware. Soon I will spam and promote the living daylights out of it. Soon.


people who feel comfortable pooping anywhere other than their house are not to be trifled with


make me choose: Natasha Romanoff or Maria Hill (for Monz)

Sometimes it’s a good thing to be doing new things, things just beyond your comfort zone. To fill yourself with enough stress and adrenaline to make your veins hum if not outright sing. It breaks new ground, paves the way for new synapses and shows you routes you didn’t think existed.

Good Friday I did just that by going to the Opera, the Royal Opera even. It was a brilliant experience. Dressed to the nines, or at least the sevens we ensconced ourself in a world of red velvet and epic German melodrama. The music and the talent made you want to swing from chandeliers and stand on the top of mountains hollering at the beauty of the world.

The content of the performance was full of whack priorities and the best part about Tannhäuser was definitely Venus and her mound. I mean really, who’d ever want to trade a world of swirling orgies with nurses and foxes and mountain men and ballerinas and shimmering dresses and drag for a monochrome German hamlet where Jesus children play flutes and you die of chastity?

No, but really it was an amazing experience. The music was transformative and enthralling, the surroundings opulent and strangely inviting even though we do not belong to this world of riches. It was fun to pretend though, to travel in what felt like an imaginary world by transforming yourself a little, for a little little while.

Also, I got to wear a bowtie and pretend I was an eccentric proffessor so I was automatically in love with the experience.